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Check out the new videos section, which can be accessed using the side bar menu. There’s a bunch of cool Gregory and the hawk videos there and hopefully I’ll have more soon.

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Where to Buy Gregory and the Hawk

A lot of people have mailed me asking where they can buy Gregory and the Hawks back catalogue, well here’s the answer;

Go here to buy Gregory and the Hawks, 2005, self-titles demo CD.
Go here to buy ‘The Boats and Birds EP’.
And finally go here to buy GH’s latest offering ‘In Your Dreams’, which is a full length LP.

I hope you all find this useful.

P.S. sorry about the junk messages clogging up the gallery, I am trying to get rid of them!

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GATH on the Radio

Aug 02

Gregory and the Hawk will be playing some of the tracks from their new LP ‘In Your Dreams’ plus some new tunes on Hollow Earth Radio go here to tune in.

You can buy the new LP from iTunes, just search for gregory and the hawk.

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Feature Length Album on its way!

Gregory and the Hawk have announced the release of an LP entitled ‘In Your Dreams’. The follow up album to the ‘Boats and Birds’ Ep will include songs, ‘Kill the Turkey’ and ‘Season Poem’. It will be released on May 29th!

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Pearly Gates

May 02

Go Here, Pearly Gates Records, to listen to an unreleased collaboration from GATH and Short Stories called ‘Dyin’ Night’.

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You can now download Gregory and the Hawks songs from iTunes!! The songs are all the ones from the Boats and Birds Ep.

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There are now Gregory and the Hawk T-shirts for sale via their site. Click here to get one.


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Some News!

Aug 29
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Firstly Gregory and the Hawk request that you don’t order the album by traditional mail but use the internet as it’s simpler that way. Secondly, for those who’ve been wondering, the ‘Season Poem’ will be on the next album which can be expected some time in 2007. Also the option to order the ‘Boats and Birds’ EP from Canada will be available sometime this week.

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EP Now On Sale!

The ‘Boats and Birds’ Ep is now on sale for $6 and is available to people in the UK and USA through Paypal. Click here to go and buy your copy!

Track listing -

1. Boats & Birds
2. Avalanche! Oh, Avalanche!
3. In Fact (The Carousel Remix)
4. A Wish
5. Isabelle
6. Fin Song 8 (Orange River Remix)
*remixes by Short Stories

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Ep Released This Week!

After a long wait Gregory and the Hawks Ep will be available online, via paypal, this week! There is also a release show Tuesday July 18th at Sidewalk (Ave A & E. 6th St NYC).

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