“Come, Now” Lyrics

Everything’s going according to planned
When the light breaks in,
And it’s blue again i can’t see him
Wait for this morning,
For wasting lives, I’ve been named
If it’s right, don’t waste,
If it’s driving haste, you can’t feel him
Now I’m calling out,

It’d be wise to catch yourself
Oh, so I’m bad but i retreat and whine
You see it, you’re mourning my life
You are stumbling now but I’m blind,
So blind when i’m caught anymore…
Why am i waiting – so i could lie?
When i’m bored in the middle of the day
And i fall into dreaming
The paint’s snow white and before it
Dries, you can’t feel him
Oh, I’m lonely,
But something keeps me going
In the sun I’m blind and at night i don’t
Mind the faraway,

Stay if I’m down like i believe you to be
Stay if I’m down like i believe you to be

Stay upstairs
You’ve been lased by her there
You’ve been taking my days
Taking my home
Taking my ways
Like doubt could do

By Gregory and the Hawk, from their album: Come, Now (2012)

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