Gregory and the Hawk is the solo project of Meredith Godreau from New York. Gregory and the Hawk are currently an independent band who have built a huge fan base by using the internet and by having brilliantly touching songs. They presently do not have an album; they have however shipped over 1000 copies of their demo.

In reference to the acts dedicated online following, Meredith said, “The support we’ve received here online, the vibe at our recent shows, and the positive energy that’s coming at us from every direction is appreciated more than imaginable.”

Gig History
February 25 2006 6:00 pm – Fireman’s Hall North, Caldwell, NJ
February 11 2006 9:00 pm – The Wreck Room, Brooklyn, NY
January 28 2006 9:00 pm – Matchless
January 24 2006 7:00 pm – Joe mamas