“Prismatism” Lyrics

In your eyes I’m lost again
Let’s not pretend it’ll only last a little while,
We both feel it comin’ in
I’ll go a million miles an hour
And you’ll stay behind me
You say that now we go but then they find
A way back to guide me
In your mind we’re still best friends
Like the day we met
Back then we didn’t know anything
Past times the wiser gets
All those times you’ve missed me now
With all the wines and the waves
By all designs you miss me now
Can we start over,
Make it like we never knew
You go a million miles an hour
And I’ll stay behind me
Well done, few will find or ever know
That no waste can love me
All you had to say
Was better than the war you wrote
Where no one can replace you or decide
In your mind I’m lost again
The changin’ of my dress
When i stand, the blue lights on my skin,
You’ll fill in the rest
I’ll go a million miles an hour
And you’ll stay behind me
Wait for the sour lookin’ smile
That will come with what you find
Near we are to ties that bind
You already know

By Gregory and the Hawk, from their album: Come, Now (2012)

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