“Bravo Charlie” Lyrics

I feel like singing sad songs all night
I feel like tuning you out
do you want to make it in to more of a fight
is this yelling what love’s all about?

so go on, and tear me apart
yeah just go on in straight for my chest
and maybe it’s mostly my fault
’cause if I’m the only girl you ever had
I guess I can’t be the best
can’t be the best

and I feel like falling asleep while you scream
I feel like tuning you out
do you want to stand up and make a big scene?
put the lid down, pick up the dog shit, and shut your mouth


and I feel like singing sad songs all night

6 Replies to ““Bravo Charlie” Lyrics”

  1. That’s funny because I actually had a boyfriend named Charlie-and we went through the same thing.

    notice the word had?


  2. someone told me this was about a dad and daughter relationship.
    but it can be about a boy too.
    and i can see how they both work.
    but is it about a boy or a dad?

  3. it’s actually about a father and daughter….the alternate title for it is “like daddy like daughter”
    though, as is with most songs, i dont think it has one meaning, if it can be applied to a boyfriend girlfriend relationship, then that is what the song is also about.
    either way this song is wonderful and i just love this whole album

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