EP Now On Sale!

The ‘Boats and Birds’ Ep is now on sale for $6 and is available to people in the UK and USA through Paypal. Click here to go and buy your copy!

Track listing –

1. Boats & Birds
2. Avalanche! Oh, Avalanche!
3. In Fact (The Carousel Remix)
4. A Wish
5. Isabelle
6. Fin Song 8 (Orange River Remix)
*remixes by Short Stories

5 Replies to “EP Now On Sale!”

  1. I love your cd to death! Ive been listening to it non stop. favorite song is a toss up between a wish and isabella. but theyre all perfect

  2. My copy arrived and I savored it…. the lyrics are playing in my head… “If you be my boat, I’ll be your sea….”

    I am eager to hear more and will be cheering you on as the journey continues. PHR

  3. You are fantastic! I love your songs. I lost my ipod and all your music. I can’t wait to get your CD in the mail. It’s been hard to live without you. 🙂

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