Gregory and the Hawk in 2018

Since I started this site in 2008, Gregory and the Hawk has gone from demo to studio album and on to embracing the new-age of digital releases (The Stone EP and On The Orange Mountain are only available online). During this time, Gregory and the Hawk has toured on three continents, signed on and signed off with an established record label, and built a huge following both online and off.

For those who don’t know, Gregory and the Hawk (GATH) is the comprises just one person: Meredith Godreau. Others have joined her at various times during the life of GATH but only she has been a persistent presence. Famously, Godreau had managed to sell more than 15,000 CDs before signing with record label FatCat Records. Gregory and the Hawk began during Myspace’s heyday and the act benefited hugely from the exposure the website offered at that time.

As a fan of the band, I’m extremely happy to see Meredith continuing to produce amazing music and to see her popularity grow and grow. Over the years her music has developed and grown, shifting shape and slipping through styles; from the beautiful simplicity of Boats and Birds to the full, studio produced sound of Moenie and Kitchi.

I welcome you and invite you to explore everything Gregory and the Hawk has to offer.

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