“I’m Your Puppet” Lyrics

I’m your puppet
I’ll learn to love it
And I’ll undress
If you need it
But please don’t need it
If you need it
I’ll scream out

Weave a secret
I will sweep it
Beneath the carpet
Where you’ll keep it
How weak is that?
Wish I was worth it
To you

Review my wishes
For fair weather
‘Cause I know if the clouds with rains or snows
You won’t be there
How weak is that?
Wish I was worth it
To you

By Gregory and the Hawk, from their self-titled EP: Gregory and the Hawk (2005)

5 Replies to ““I’m Your Puppet” Lyrics”

  1. Dear Readers,

    i no exactly how she feels, my girlfriend treats me like im her puppet, she sez i f*k every one but her.. but i seem to think its the other way around (im getting off track sigh..)

    im her puppet she only brings me out to amuse herself play with me, she doesnt care about me, ’’cause I know if the clouds with rains or snows’ she wont be there, she doesnt care! how weak is tht? wish i was worth it to her, i am her girlfriend n i should be worth it..

    I AM WORTH IT.. 4 eva n eva babe (u sed this to me with a tear in your eye, now im saying for your own sexy time call 1800 cryformebitch.. i say this with a teari in my eye

  2. I love this. I love her for writing this. This is what it is to feel pain. I’m so sorry Meredith Godreau, I’m sorry for whoever made you feel this. But thank you, thank you for singing this. It must be hard to revisit your pain but it makes our pain more bearable. You’re a good soul, Meredith Godreau.

  3. I´m Mexican no mutch Inglish, but is a beautiful song and tankyu for you music is very very beautiful.
    Im sorry for my Inglish

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